The Best Cuisine at Terra – The Food That Makes the Event

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Terra Caesarea event garden offers a delightful, rich, and unforgettable culinary experience, with elaborate, spectacularly beautiful dishes with a wealth of tastes that make you want to return for another taste.

So what is special in Terra Caesarea’s menu, and how do we create an unforgettable food experience for every event?

Open Kitchen

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The Event Menu at Terra Caesarea

The event menu at Terra Caesarea is defined by its classic, elegant, Mediterranean style.

Our seasonal menus are planned based on our desire to provide the freshest product based on the season and weather:

In the summer we serve lighter summer dishes, including seasonal products, such as fruits and vegetables, alongside with light main courses and sign means, whereas in winter we serve dishes incorporating winter products, such as winter fruit, root vegetables, and winter-style main courses.

Terra Caesarea’s
Open Kitchen

What makes the food experience at Terra Caesarea truly unique is our open kitchens.
Guests may watch the cooks and chefs prepare the celebration meal within the kitchens, allowing them to clearly see the high level of freshness, cleanliness, and richness of raw materials we use.

As soon as the food is ready it comes out to the tables and the guests receive a meal at an uncompromising level of freshness and quality, hot after being prepared just moments prior in front of their very eyes.

Our head chef has years of experience in the field, and works hard to keep our kitchen innovative and current, adapting itself to leading culinary trends.

Making use of the freshest high-quality ingredients, a variety of menus, and options for personalized adaptation of the menu to the guests’ tastes, our kitchen team never forgets that guests eat with their eyes as well as their mouths. This is why our meals are not only produced with attention to taste, quality, and freshness but also artistically styled, look great and arouse appetite.

Tasting the Event from beginning to end

Of course, the main culinary experience at any event is the main course. But at Terra Caesarea, we remember that every event has also a reception and afterparty.

That’s exactly why our kitchen team keeps current with all the relevant culinary trends, making it possible for them to serve guests the most innovative dishes – at the reception, serving quality light snacks alongside with the drinks, and at the afterparty, when everyone wants to ‘refuel’ with some soothing foods that let the body keep going on the dance floor with seemingly unlimited energy.

מנת שף מעוצבת
קונספט של מטבח פתוח

Reinventing Ourselves Again and Again

To remain innovative and original, and to make sure no events repeat themselves in terms of food, the team at Terra Caesarea frequently refreshes its menus as well as its collections of tableware, furniture, and designs.

All these are accompanied by smoked meats, fresh fish, dishes incorporating sweetbreads, asado meats, beef fillets, and a vast variety of high-quality salads, enabling you to choose the precise menu each event needs, according to the personal taste of event organizers and guests.

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